Sunday, July 09, 2006

A little boy lives here...

...and this is how he likes to spend his Sunday afternoons: (slipping out the back door, in his church clothes, with no the dirt!
I swear, dirt works like a magnet with this little guy).
But how can you get mad at that cute little face?
Especially when he sees you and says "take my picture, Mommy."
And after he finally comes inside, I am feeding the baby
and I realize I can't hear him playing anymore.
Then I walk into the living room to see this:
Man, I'm so grateful that this little boy lives here!
I love him SO much -- dirty face and all!!


  1. what a precious pic the last one is...he tired himself out playn' miss those days, my ds is almost 10 and rarely knocks out like that...the good ole days