Sunday, July 09, 2006

As told by Joshua…

After church today, Josh came running up to me in the hall, excited to show me the picture he drew in primary. I immediately recognized the picture as one depicting the prophet Joseph Smith. I complimented him on his drawing and we left the building to come home. After arriving home, I asked Josh to tell me about his picture.

Me: Josh, tell me more about this great picture you drew today in Primary.

Josh: Well, it’s Joseph Smith, Mom.

Me: Yep, I could tell that it was…did you learn about Joseph Smith today?

Josh: Yes. We did. See those trees? Well, that’s the forest he went in to.

Me: What did he do in the forest?

Josh: Just a second, Mom. See this? (pointing to the head) That is his hair.

Me: That’s great – you did a good job adding his hair!

Josh: And this, right here (pointing to the little smear under the chin)…this is his mustache!

Me: A mustache?!? But honey, when Joseph Smith went into the Sacred Grove and saw Heavenly Father and Jesus he was only 14. He didn’t have a mustache or a beard yet!

Josh: Well, Mom, this is not that time. This is when he was older and he went back to the forest to tell Heavenly Father ‘thanks.’

Me: Oh! I didn’t know that happened. Did you learn about that in church?

Josh: No. I just made that part up, Mom.

I LOVE the faith of this little guy of mine! Of course, I’m sure he is right. I’m sure the Prophet Joseph Smith kneeled in prayer many many times to say ‘thanks’ to Heavenly Father!


  1. This is so sweet! It's amazing the things kids come up with - don't they just have the best insights?