Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How we celebrated the 4th of July…

Our 4th was actually pretty low-key. We had some plans…they didn’t happen, lol. Here’s what we did:

  • Brad and Josh cleaned the boat (Seth also wanted a sponge to help…unfortunately, he just ate the sponge and didn’t actually help much)

  • Meagan went to Park City with Grandpa and Grandma to get parts to fix sprinklers and to buy goldfish for the pond

  • I finished a project for Paper Crafts

  • Josh played games on the computer

  • Zach bounced (a LOT) in the bouncy thing-a-ma-jig that Tony let us borrow – he LOVES that thing!

  • Brad did some laundry

  • Brad surfed the web for houses (he also wanted to go look at some, but it didn’t work out)

  • I read up in my new camera’s manual to try to learn a bit about it

  • It rained – HARD.

  • My mom bbq’d hamburgers for us for dinner

  • Oh, and mmmmmmm….we had watermelon too – what’s the 4th of July without watermelon?

  • We put the fish in the pond and watched them swim around (we need to go take a looksy to see if they are still alive out there today!)

  • I tried to take pictures of the kids … got a couple with all four of them ACTUALLY looking at me. (Never mind the dirty faces and the pop-tart that Seth had to be bribed with)

  • Josh fell off the top bunk at Grandpa’s house…right onto a “Little People’s” house – yikes…that hurt, and he has the wounds to prove it!

  • We set off a few fireworks in Gpa and Gma’s driveway

  • We had planned to go to Midway to watch the “real” fireworks…but time got away from us and by the time we were ready to go, they were ready to begin. So we watched them from the backyard. It actually worked out well, as far as seeing them – unfortunately, we were WAY too far away to try to take pictures (which is a bummer because I was excited to try it with my new camera…oh well, I’ll do it in a few weeks on the 24th!)

Now it’s back to “real life” for the rest of the week.


  1. sounds like a WAY busier fourth than I had! wow! :)

  2. Sounds good to me! Ouch about Josh falling on the Little People house...that had to hurt! :o(