Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Welcome to Spring....in Utah!

You know, when I think of Spring I think of grass starting to turn green, tulips peeking up out of the ground, blue skies, budding trees...you get the picture, right? Well, instead - this is what we got on the first day of spring:

Yep, SNOW! Oh well...that's what we get for living in Utah! :o) At least it's all white and pretty again -- as it continues to snow today! Maybe by Independence Day the snow will be melted! ;)


  1. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I'm amazed at the snow this late, too. Well, maybe not so much by the snow but definitely by the AMOUNT of snow...it just keeps on coming!

  2. ooooh so pretty! can you believe I am jealous? I guess that is what happens when I am a Californian who doesnt see much snow :)

  3. That shot of the mountains is BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOWZERS!!!! :)
    It was a nice day down here (I think you live in Heber, right?)but I hear it's supposed to snow again tonight..........

  4. No kidding...what the heck is up with SNOW on the first day of spring???? Chas said the rest of the week is supposed to be nice though. YAY!