Wednesday, January 10, 2018

birthday card organizer | doodlebug design

Hi friends!  It's a new year and that means lots of organizing projects for me!  I wanted to share this fun birthday card organizer I made at this time last year for one of my Doodlebug Design Team projects.

I'm always looking for ways to stay organized, and this is an area where I truly fall short.  No matter how many cards I make, it seems I'm always scrambling to find just the right birthday cards for friends and family members...hopefully that will be a thing of the past after this project is complete!


The idea is that each month has it's own file/pocket/envelope thingy.  Yes, that's what you call it when you can't land on ONE name. ;)  And I'll be able to slip the birthday cards into the pocket way before the birthday...a special card made with a certain somebody in mind!  Then, when it's time for the celebration, the perfect card will be ready!

I love the feel of the calendar pages for this project!  In addition, I gathered a few additional cute doodlebug products and I modified a silhouette cut file to come up with this design.

Here's how it all goes together:

First, I cut the file/pocket/envelope thingy from one of the cute calendar papers and assembled it:

Next, I used a scrap from the paper to cut this tag shape. I wanted to add a month sticker to each tag. Since some of the months are too long to fit on the tag, I opted to abbreviate.  I punched a hole and tied chunky twine through the top

I added it to the front of the bag.  At the top of each file/pocket/envelope thingy, I added a circle of patterned paper and punched a hole through the center.

 The next step was to embellish the tag a bit - either on top or behind.

Next, I used a word document to create a text box and added names of birthday people for each month.  I printed it out on regular paper, but then used washi tape to secure a subtley patterned paper on top and printed again.

After trimming out the box, I added small number stickers for the date and attached the list to the front of the file/pocket/envelope thingy with a cute shaped clip.

Repeat the process for each month (I have finished four so far):

After creating one organizer for each month, I will add them all together with a binder ring!

Now as I create cards for each person, I can slip it into the organizer and I'll be ready well before their big celebration - at least that's the plan!  Now I just need to get busy making special cards for all of the special people in my life!

Guess what?  This awesome calendar collection is still available (even though I created this project last year) and it's on SALE!  Here's a link:

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