Tuesday, January 17, 2012

how we spent our monday off…

First, I made a quick run into town for one of these:


because EVERYTHING is doable with a diet coke by my side. Winking smile

This is what it looked like outside:


Cold and snowy….just as January in our little town SHOULD be.  (we’ve been pretty much snowless so far this winter).

Which leads us to the toy room:


And this is only one little corner.  I’ll spare all of us the rest of the room.  Rest assured…I spent a big chunk of my day in this room hanging with the two little guys (who make the BEST helpers when they want to).  And 3 garbage bags and  2 d.i. bags later, it looks GREAT in there!

I should go take an “after” photo (before it gets messy again).

Last night the boys were even playing IN the toy room…imagine! ;)


  1. No snow here either! Strange for WI. It keeps going from 40 or so to single or sub zero temps. I need to get rid of a few toys at my house too. Hope you are having a good week.

  2. I always love a good clean-out/de-junking, especially this time of year. PS. I'm smitten with your table runner and centerpiece. I would love to poke around your house, you have such a nice decorating style. :P