Saturday, October 01, 2011

easy canvas prints…

We’ve been in our new home for nine months now.  I’m still struggling with putting things up on the walls.  I am nervous about making holes to hang things.  The big blank walls are crisp and fresh, but frankly, they are starting to feel a little boring.  So when I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints a few weeks ago, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to order a new family photo to hang in our new home.  Easy Canvas Prints is a company that will turn your personal photos to canvas.

The actual process was super easy – I just had to upload a photo, choose a size (they offered to send me a free 8x10 print in exchange for an unbiased review here on my blog, but I wanted something a bit larger, so I paid to upgrade to a 16x20), select a border option ( I opted to have the photo wrapped around the edges, but the mirror image effect or the solid color option would have been cool too), and that was it! 

A few days later, my canvas arrived!


It was packed so well – nice and safe!  I was so impressed with how crisp the photo looked (photo taken by Lori Muse Photography).  The colors are exactly how they should have been, the images was crisp – no noise or blurriness - the quality is amazing.  I only own one other canvas print, and I love it…but this one is definitely better quality.


It took me about 3 minutes to unwrap it, decide where to hang it, and put it up on the wall!


We have this little cut-out between the entry room and the family room – the space on the left side of the window was the perfect size for this canvas to hang.


I really like it… and now my other walls are feeling REALLY empty.  I am thinking about ordering a set of small canvases to put on the right side of the cut-out.


I will be ordering from Easy Canvas Prints again, and if you’re in the market for having one of your photos printed on canvas, I would definitely recommend this company!


  1. I just love that picture of you guys. We built our house and have been here a little under 2 years and my husband will not allow holes in the walls what so ever lol we use the double sided picture hanging tape and it is awesome it even holds huge mirrors too :)

  2. It is gorgeous. Fabulous choice!

    Cori in WA