Wednesday, July 06, 2011

my very first garden project…

No, not that kind of garden…I still don’t have a green thumb – quite the opposite actually…I’ve had people give me plants and flowers that “anyone can grow,”  “nobody can kill,” “don’t need any extra attention at all,” and I can kill them.  It’s almost guaranteed!  I wish I could garden…but I can’t – maybe I’m cursed.  It’s a good thing Brad can plant, tend, and nurture all things green (especially since we now live in a home surrounded by trees, bushes, and lots of grass, lol). 

Anyway.,..that was a tangent I didn’t mean to go on.  What I meant was that I wanted to share my very first project as a “Garden Girl” at Two Peas In a Bucket


You can see all the details HERE!


  1. so cute, colorful and bright! upps, sweet too!

  2. What a cute and cheery layout. Love the pps you used.