Tuesday, December 07, 2010

some new finds worth sharing…

I love when a friend gives me a tip about a fun product or idea…don’t you?

For instance, last week, my friend, Laura, shared her favorite photo paper.  It was on sale on Amazon…and she let us know how much she loved it and gave us a link.  I ordered a package.  When it arrived, I tried it out – and QUICKLY ordered 3 more packages.  I LOVE it!  It’s heavy and more of a matte finish, which I prefer over glossy – and  up until the day I tried this paper, the only paper that worked well with my printer was glossy…so, here’s the link – if you print your own photos, you should definitely try this paper out – it’s a great deal right now too – only $7.99 for 50 sheets!!

As you probably already know, we have four kids …so you can just imagine how crazy (and loud) road trips can be for us.  When we had a dvd player installed in our van, we thought our problems would be solved...but we would always end up listening to the movies through the speakers (which only elevates the noise level) because the headphones were too big and are not comfortable for the kids.  On Halloween day, I received a package in the mail with a wonderful surprise – these:


We immediately opened them up to try them on the smallest head…they fit PERFECTLY!  We hurried out to the van to try them out…they worked WONDERFULLY.  I rushed into my office to find them online and I ordered more QUICKLY! 


We recently drove to California to celebrate Thanksgiving at Disneyland and the two little boys watched many many movies (it’s about a 12 hour drive)…they wore these headphones the entire time they watched movies and didn’t complain once about them. 

Let me repeat – I. LOVE. THESE!!

If you have small children and you’re planning any holiday road trips, do yourself a favor and order these head phones.  You can thank me later. :)

You can order them directly from Kidz Gear by clicking here or you can purchase them from Amazon

(I ordered my additional sets from Amazon – they are a bit cheaper.)

I also received a set of wired headphones for kids – they are perfect for the boys to use with their Leapsters or with the i-pod…much easier than trying to keep ear buds in their little ears!


You can also order these directly from Kidz Gear by clicking here – or you can check them out on Amazon.


I was not online yesterday, so maybe the next item been shared on a lot of blogs in the last 24 hours, but as soon as I opened up my Groopdealz e-mail and saw this cute little project, I knew it would make a fun gift…don’t you agree?  I’m glad they are running this deal for another day so I can order some vinyl to make some cute note boards!  And by ordering a set through Groopdealz, they are only $4.00 each, which is half price!

Shipping is $1 and the deal ends at midnight tonight.

Plate NOTES 007
Plate NOTES 022 Plate NOTES 014

One more thing…I recently found the cutest gal to do my hair (she was highly recommended by my cousin – lmk if you’re local and you’re looking for someone good).  Not only does she make my hair happy, she is fun to talk to.  Last time I was at the salon, we started talking about cooking…this just happened to be the same day that my sweet husband let me know that my tacos were not very good, lol (seriously, who can mess up tacos??  apparently me)…anyway, we were talking about cooking and she told me about a cook book that actually made her ENJOY preparing meals.  Of course, I want to be magically transformed into a good cook, who enjoys cooking, so I jotted down the name and ordered the book immediately.  It arrived last week.  I haven’t taken the time to really look through it yet – but I flipped through quickly and I am excited to try some new things.  Who knows, maybe it will even help me make better tacos! ;)  Here’s a link to the book:

Have you ever heard of the Food Nanny?  Do you have this cook book?  Any favorite recipes I should try?

And finally…don’t forget to leave a comment on yesterday’s post (here) for a chance to win TWO idea books from Creating Keepsakes! :o)


  1. Our monthly girls wine night is this month. Good times enjoying some bubbly and girl talking and of course, relaxing without our kids. :)

  2. Ooops, I commented on the wrong post for the mag giveaway, but your ideas were fabulous . . . gotta have my kids try on the headphones. Thanx.

  3. Love the Food Nanny! You will have to try the White Chili. Delicious!

  4. LOVE the Food Nanny! Her Sloppy Joes recipe is awesome. So is her Pot Roast recipe. Actually, I think it's all good, but those are our two favorites.