Thursday, December 23, 2010


I think I want to do this next year…

but I haven’t decided for sure…


Are you going to order one? 

Have you done one before? 

Will I be overwhelmed? 


  1. I am ordering one - I did it in 2009, and loved every minute of it. But I fizzled towards the end of the year...although, I did continue to ask myself every day, "what do I want to remember about today?" And that's the thing. It made me more aware, and I haven't taken a fraction of the pictures in 2010 as the year before. It's like you've got your personal Becky whispering in your ear, "save that memory, it's only a 4x6 picture and a little journaling card, super easy". I'm super excited to do it again!

  2. order it wendy! do it with me! get the turquoise one, because it's totally out style!

  3. It is my favorite scrapbook I have ever made. I've been doing it for two years and can't imagine a year without it! You simply must try it :)

  4. I did the 365 in 09 and its such an amazing project but it takes a lot of time. I'm gonna do the digital version. That way I don't have to order pics, put them in the pockets, and write the journaling. Plus the digital is free for the program but $99 to order the actual book when you're done.

  5. I'm doing it! The Turquoise kit is on it's way to me...I've never done PL before so if you do it too we can all be overwhelmed together! :)