Wednesday, November 10, 2010

road rippers…

My kids are always so excited when we receive a box with the TEAM MOM logo on the outside.  They know that no matter what is inside, they are going to get an opportunity to play with something fun and new! 

Imagine the excitement when we opened up the box to find this inside:

104022150-450x450-0-0_Toy State R C Road Rippers Classic Motor Muscle Ca

A 1967 Corvette Stingray Remote Control car.  Nice, right?  This r/c motor muscle car is one in the new line of classic cars made by Toy State.  You can also find a 1969 Dodge Daytona, a 1971 Dodge Super Bee, and a 1970 GTO Judge.

The box says it’s for ages 7 and up, but my 4 and 6 year old had no trouble at all running the remote control.   The lights flash and it even plays a song from it’s own era…Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys! :o)

The car seems really sturdy and there’s not a flimsy wire thingy sticking up from the roof, so no worries about breaking it off and then having a car that doesn’t work. (yay!)  The wheels seem to grip really well and didn’t have any problem going across our carpet floors or the tile. 

The boys took turns driving the car around and asked if we could get a 2nd car so they wouldn’t have to take turns and they could race.  I think it’s a great item to put on our holiday shopping list…and maybe yours too! 

You can find the Road Ripper R/C Motor Muscle collection now at Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, and K-Mart.  The Retail Price is $35, but I found this car on here for $29.99.  You can find a handful of Road Rippers on (here) as well.

If you have little guys, you also might want to check out Season One of “Rippisodes” – a brand new webisode series based on the popular Road Rippers collection.  It’s an animated webisode series that features Ripp, the custom car designer and host of the Road Rippers Motor Island interactive online world.  Ripp takes kids on a “ripptastic” adventure as he encounters creative challenges in his custom-car garage, “Ripps Garage” on Motor Island.  

Thanks so much to Toy State and Team Mom for sending us another great toy to try out and review!

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  1. that is pretty cool that they get to play and test out all these fun toys! this one had to be right up their alley :)