Monday, November 29, 2010

1500 miles later…

Yep…I’ve been g.o.n.e….gone for the last 10 days.  We’ve driven over 1500 miles – all of us - together, in our van that seems so much smaller when it’s packed with luggage, snacks, movies, games, and six bodies! 

(I must say that I love having the option of scheduling blog posts ahead of time…so I was able to post my gratitude posts every day!)

We had a wonderful little getaway, which I’ll share more about soon, but until then, I’m happy to be home for CYBER MONDAY!  I missed Black Friday shopping this year because of our vacation, but I’m all over Cyber Monday!  Here are a few deals I’m definitely taking advantage of…and if you haven’t already, maybe you’ll want to as well:

First of all – I feel like I’m running behind with my Christmas shopping – I haven’t bought a single thing…these are definitely going to help narrow things down for the kids:


And my very favorite place to shop has TONS of deals today – there will be new deals throughout the day, all day long, so check back often!

This is just one of the many items I’ll be ordering today - we won’t have to borrow my parent’s GPS anymore!

I know it says $119.99…but it’s NOT – it’s only $89.99 – Yay Cyber Monday!

This is my new favorite Christmas CD!

And if you’re thinking about ordering some fun scrapbook supplies…be sure to check out this deal!781

oooh, I just found this great digital/printable kit that I will be using next year for sure – this would make a fun gift for a few people I know too…


I think I’ll combine it with this kit to make something really cute and fun:


And now I am off to shop for Christmas PJ’s for the kiddos…anyone know of any good deals on those?!?

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  1. love your picks on cyber deals! if we traveled more, i would definately get a GPS thingie. in fact, that wouldn't be a bad idea for joe, with all our soccer coming up. i LOVE glee, but havn't heard their christmas stuff yet. will have to check it out :)