Tuesday, October 19, 2010

easy and fun halloween treats…

One day while everyone else was at school (or work), Zach and I had fun making a little halloween treat.  They were super simple and turned out super cute!


In fact, they were so cute that every single person who came home to find the treats on the counter assumed that someone else had made them and brought them to us.  Nice.  Apparently I need to make treats more often so my family thinks I’m capable of doing it!halloween_oreos1_filtered

Regardless of my hurt feelings, everyone enjoyed our little treats and I’m sure we’ll be making these every year for Halloween.


You can make them too – it only takes a few minutes…

and maybe your family will be as impressed as mine was!

Here’s everything you’ll need (you can click on each item to view and/or purchase):

Black Candy Melts

White Candy Melts

Halloween Oreos (of course they don’t have to be Halloween Oreos, but the orange filling is really fun!)

Candy Mold

Ziplock bags



The instructions are on the mold (which we bought at Michael’s), but essentially, you melt the black candy and fill the bottom part of the mold (the spider or skeleton) only.  Then, you fill the rest of the mold (between 1/2 and 2/3 full) with melted white candy and press the oreo in.


Wait for it to set up – or you can put it in the freezer for a few minutes if you’re impatient like we were

…then they pop right out of the mold!



  1. Those look AWESOME!! Now I REALLY want Oreos....

  2. Yum! Thanks for the recipe! These look great!

  3. those look really good! and easy. i might have to try this. for some odd reason, we have about 47 packages of regular sized oreos for lunches (they have 6 oreos in each pack), and the girls havn't been eating them. lol! this would be a good way to use some up.

  4. Um wow these look sooooo good! Thanks for sharing and making me drool :)