Monday, August 09, 2010

swim, hike, swim, repeat...

meagan had a blast swimming with the cousins...


this was the 2nd day at the pool,

after they had had a "sleep-over" with no actual sleeping involved...silly girls...DSC_4202vint DSC_4217vintage

we went for a little hike near grandma's...VERY little since it was over 100 degrees...







more swimming - with swim vests...

at first seth wasn't excited about the swim vests, but by the time we left,

he had really started to enjoy floating and swimming with it on...



zach was fearless (as usual) and took to floating and swimming immediately...DSC_4475urganbw

he was even jumping into the "deep" end of the pool, holding his face underwater,

and thought he should just take the vest off so he could swim on his own (um, no.)


of course josh was there too...but for some reason I didn't get photos of him -

he must have done most of his swimming  while I was also in the pool

(instead of taking pictures of everyone else)...

i'll get more pics of him next time...which will be very soon, I hope! :o)

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  1. looks like a great time was had by all! love the editing on your color images ... especially, the ones of the girls.