Wednesday, August 11, 2010

more details about swagbucks...

I've been asked by several people about how to earn more swagbucks.  I'm more than happy to share what I know, but please be aware that I do not know everything - I've just figured out a few things as I've used swagbucks, so, for what it's worth, here's the information I have.

First of all, you need to sign up.  If you haven't already registered, please click HERE to fill out the registration form.

You can also explore, where you'll find tons of information...but here's a quick summary of ways to earn points:

1.  Download the toolbar so every search goes through swagbucks.  (just having the toolbar installed will give you random swagbucks).  If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, the quickest way to win Swag Bucks is to have always at your finger tips. The toolbar resides on the top of your browser and only takes seconds to install.  Get the Toolbar Here

2.  Invite your friends to join - when they earn points, so do you (this has definitely helped my point balance - and everybody wins!). Every Swag Buck they win searching the web, you'll win as well. Win up to 1,000 Swag Bucks per referral!  Invite Your Friends & Win

3.  Share Your Opinions Through Trusted Surveys.Major brands want to know what you think and are willing to pay you Swag Bucks to hear it. Complete your personalized profiles and start earning BIG Swag Bucks on your own time, at your own pace. Visit Your Survey Dashboard

4.  Complete some of the "special offers" linked on  Check out our Special Offers Page where you'll find rewarding promotions from major brands. Sign up only for the offers that sound right for you! Complete an Offer Now3.  Visit and click on the "ways to earn" tab at the top - check out the surveys, polls, etc.

5.  Visit the Swagbucks blog often - they will randomly share codes for swagbucks.  When big news breaks about Swag Bucks, it happens first on the Swag Bucks Blog! Find out about all the newest offers, prizes, and Swag Codes, all in one convenient location. Look for posts by The Swag Guy for exclusive Swag Buck opportunities! See the Swag Blog

6.  Shop online (visit the shop & earn link on  Odds are you'll find the stores and/or brands you're already looking for, and you can earn Swag Bucks when you make your purchase through them!  You earn 2 points for every dollar you spend - that can add up fast!   Visit the Shop & Earn Mall

7.  Sign up for the newsletter.  Get timely updates, notifications, and the occasional Swag Code delivered right to your inbox with our bi-monthly newsletter. Every email is packed with important news and tidbits to help you get more out of your Swag Bucks account. Sign Up Now

Hopefully some of those tips will help you earn more swagbucks more quickly!  You can read more about earning swagbucks by visiting the "winning tips" page on 

Also, please note that I do not earn extra swag bucks simply by blogging about  I do earn, just as you can, when someone signs up through my link, but that's all.

One more thing to mention...while I usually choose to trade my swag bucks in for gift cards, there are MANY MANY MANY other options, including CASH!  Yep, CASH!  You can cash in your swag bucks for gift cards to PayPal, which is the same as earning CASH!  In addition, there are tons of other great gift cards and super cool items.  Also, you can use your bucks to buy entries in many different "swagstakes," with items ranging from additional swag bucks to cool electronics.  So be sure to browse around the store to see what you'd like to save up your swag bucks for!

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