Tuesday, April 06, 2010

just breathe...

I forget how beautiful and amazing it is to listen to a child breathe...

...slow, deep, melodic breaths...until they can't do it on their own.


After listening to labored breathing, coughing, and misery,

I am reminded (once again) how grateful I am for modern medicine -

and for this sweet little machine -

that enables the sweet song of breathing to return...

P.S. Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday during the American Crafts Blog Hop -

it was fun having so many new visitors! :)


  1. those machines are amazing, aren't they! we don't actually have one ... sometimes, i think we should for alyssa's asthma. but i know just having her take her inhalers, i feel so much better knowing she can breathe easier.

  2. I posted something eerily similar this morning.


  3. So sorry I caught you on such a busy day! Thanks again for all your help with McKay!