Saturday, April 03, 2010

easter egg hunt... if the 31 degree temps weren't bad enough on the morning of the Easter Egg hunt...


...there had to be snow too! Seriously.

There's a sweet older man who lives in our ward/neighborhood who organizes an

Easter Egg hunt every year for all of the Primary age kids.

This year I was able to join a group of people on Friday morning to color 30 dozen eggs

(that was yesterday - it was cold, but warmer than today).

This morning I joined them again to HIDE the eggs.

um....have you ever tried to HIDE eggs in four inches of snow?

It's not easy.

Trust me.

After we were done "hiding" eggs, I drove home to get the boys, and we headed back to HUNT!


They were troopers.


Zach was up all night last night with a cough,

but the thought of missing the egg hunt was devastating to him,

so we took him too.


He lasted about 30 seconds before he started crying -

but wearing my mittens helped a bit.


Seriously, if you're going to participate in an

Easter Egg hunt in our neck of the woods,

you've gotta be pretty TOUGH! :o)


  1. Cute mittens! ;) It is snowing RIGHT NOW here as I am reading blogs. SNIFF!!! Hope your Easter is happy anyway.

  2. I have to admit, I am a St. George girl (have been for 22 years now) and my husband has accepted a job in Evanston, Wyoming! Not only have I been scouring the city via Google, I have also been frequenting blogs of people that I know live in snow. I know of you through Creating Keepsakes (and remembered you live in Heber City). My husband also has a sister that lives in Heber City so I know how cold it gets in the winter, but also how beautiful it is in the summer. Anyway, I have been enjoying your posts and your take on the snow. I know I am not at ALL as "TOUGH" as I need to be to handle it, but at least I know that if other people can, there is a glimmer of hope that I will be able to too! So, thanks:)

  3. LOL We have had some might cold wet Easter Egg hunts but I have to say we wimp out when it is like this and do it inside. You rock! I love these photos and what little troopers you have.

  4. OMGosh! You have to admit, the eggs are sure pretty against that white snow. LOL