Monday, March 08, 2010

bits and pieces...

   ...just a few random things I wanted to record on my blog.  Let's get the creepiest thing over with first:


Yep...that's my kid (the good looking one, of course) - holding a huge, heavy, scary snake.  Did I mention it was huge?  and scary?


Good thing I have a zoom lens on my camera, because I was NOT going to get any closer to that thing!  snake3_filtered

For the Blue & Gold banquet, the scout leaders arranged for this really fun and entertaining (and educational) presentation - it involved lots of reptiles, lots of excited kids, and plenty of uneasy moms.

I have also been spending some quality time working on a little project I like to call "taxes."


What?  You don't use your laundry basket as a garbage can/sorting aid?


Piles and piles...stacks and stacks...


organized and filed away...and now everything is recorded on a spreadsheet and ready to drop off to our accountant. :)


of course, there was plenty of this involved:  (I think these cans are the cutest!)


And...I added back some blonde.  what?  you didn't know the blonde was gone?


It was.  I decided to try being a brunette last autumn.  I liked it for about a week.  new_hair_color_110409

Then it started fading.  And it got ugly.  Very ugly.  Add that to the ugly haircut I got on New Years Eve...and I've been pretty unhappy with my hair for several months.  Glad to have found a new hair girl I am happy with (my last favorite hair girl had TRIPLETS (gasp!!!) in December, so I have no idea when she'll be back to work).  I kept some dark...but I think next time I'll get a little more blonde added back in.

One more random thing...I am so grateful for a sweet friend who dropped by with delicious homemade bread "just because." :o)


...okay, that's all for now...happy Monday! :o)


  1. I love that all your tax stuff is on the floor in a semicircle! we tease my dad mercilessly because every year he spreads out his semicircle of tax stuff on the floor, too!

  2. ewwwww on the snake ... that's so gross. although i'm sure the boys all loved it!

    love that you documented your tax stuff. i should have spread out on the floor. i had myself convinced i could sort mine, while sittin on the couch all comfy cozy in a blanket. was not the easiest thing to do, and could have used more space to spread out. lol! but i bet it feels good to have that all done and organized ... good luck with the end result :)

  3. Love this post! I went through a range of emotions...snake, taxes, hair....and bread...baked with love!!! Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face!!

  4. Thanks this has bought back so many memories for me. My oldest holding a baby python at school when he was ten ( eighteen now, have photo somewhere). The haircut I'm still trying to forget and my new life collecting receits for the taxman stuffed in a shoebox, a very cute shoebox I might add, an off the page project.