Tuesday, February 02, 2010

i *heart* you...

Hello February!!!  I can't believe it's here already - I am going to get out my Valentine's Day decorations today...there are only 13 days left to enjoy them!  And speaking of February and Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share a fun little layout I made using the new Valentine's Day line by American Crafts.  It's called I *heart* you - and it's so unique!  I always think of red and pink when I think of Valentine's Day.  Sometimes purple...but I've never considered yellow.  And yet...it works so well!  I love the pops of yellow in this new line!


That fun stripey paper has glitter on every yellow stripe.


And those cute heart flowers are glittery too. (click here to see the color on the back of the paper - all AC paper is double-sided, I LOVE that!)


I'm loving the glitter chipboard pieces - click here to see all the shapes and colors included in the package.  There are also non-glttered chipboard pieces here and patterned chipboard here.


And the rub-ons are super cute (click here to see the other rub-on images in this set).  If you're looking to add a new twist to your Valentine Paper collection, this is definitely the one for you!!

In other news...

  • Zach is going on day 5 of a yucky cold...mostly icky nose stuff, but the sweet little guy just won't let it get him down.
  • Meagan and I (and the little boys) went shopping yesterday and we finally found the elusive denim skirt she's been wanting for so long.  Seriously folks, do you know how hard it is to find a denim skirt around here?  One that isn't too too short, but isn't "mommy frumpy" long?  We found the perfect one at GAP yesterday and she is now one happy girl-i-o.  We also found a cute shirt, a cute new bag, and some other fun odds and ends any 12 year old girl would love :). 
  • Brad is attending the funeral of a co-workers wife today.  Sad.
  • Seth received his report card and we found out he's already reading at the level he's supposed to be reading at when kindergarten ends.  He's such a smartie-pants.  Now we just need to work harder on that penmanship...lefties seem to struggle a bit more with that.
  • I finished a good book last night while walking on the treadmill.  Now I need to get another good one so it motivates me to exercise (I found the trick to getting me on the treadmill for extended periods of time is to read...and only allow myself to read while I'm walking.  I love getting carried away in a good book...so this works great for me!)  Anybody have any good book recommendations?  I'm kind of a Young Adult fiction girl - I hate the language and other 'crap', found in so much adult fiction.
  • I'm not a huge TV girl...but I'm excited for this tonight:


  • It's Super Bowl week...but did you know it's also SCRAPPER BOWL week??


Check it out here!

  • Have a happy Tuesday - Now I'm off to get out those Valentine's Day decorations!  :o)


  1. Awww...sweet layout :) - I maybe have a book for you - The Truth About Forever, by Sarah Dessen. I don't usually read young adult stuff, but I love Meg Cabot, and tried this little book - actually, I listened to it, and the reader was great. One of those books you can just visualize so well.

  2. I am so with you on the young adult fiction thing! That's basically all I read... Do you like fantasy/fairy tales? I loved pretty much everything Shannon Hale wrote-- The Princess Academy is one of my favorites, and The Goose Girl (and its sequels) is also wonderful.

  3. I second QSOgirl - anything Shannon Hale has written has been wonderful!!
    I also read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and enjoyed it/was intrigued by it. Now I'm reading her sequel Catching Fire.
    Both authors are found in the YA Fiction; I agree with you too!

    Love to read your blog, watch your cuties grow, and be inspired by your scrapbooking/card-making ideas. You're great!!

  4. Wendy-

    I see someone already mentioned Meg Cabot. Her "Princess Diaries" series is great and so are pretty much all of her books, even the adult ones aren't really adult except for the love scenes!!!! I'm hooked!!!

  5. There are some great Amish stories by Beverly Lewis. Surprisingly really good books. I read 12 of her books last year, because I just couldn't stop ;)

    Also, Janette Oke. The movies on Hallmark about Love's Never Ending Story, her books inspired the movies.


  6. My all time favorite book is Redeeming Love my Francine Rivers. I recommend it to everyone who asks! It is an amazing, Christian inspired book.
    Beverly Lewis is good too. I live in Berks County PA so we live locally with Amish and Mennonite, so its very interesting to hear more about their beliefs.

  7. I love YA fiction and there is some awesome stuff right now. I have a teen daughter and she recommends books all the time--so here are some for you to try.

    The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson is really the only sci-fi I couldn't wait to get my hands on. It's sooo good. You will be on that treadmill all the time with this book series. I loved St. Iggy by K.L. Going--she's a great writer. I think the whole world should read Red Scarf Girl--it's a memoir of a Chinese girl in the 60's....so wonderful--I thought it was fiction! Ophelia by Lisa Klein...is a retelling of Hamlet from Ophelia's view but not the Hamlet you read in school--this is really well done (apologies to the Bard). And I haven't read it, but my daughter says City of Bones is extra good. The cover is kind of weird, but she promises if I get past it, I'll enjoy the book.

    Now go out there and read/walk! I love this idea!

  8. Not sure how you read and walk at the same time (I think I jiggle too much to hold a book) ... I've tried it while on the stationary bike. I watch TV programs while on the treadmill, like you with books, that's the only time I allow myself to watch any tv (so no LOST spoilers, I'm waiting until it hits DVD!)

    I second "Hunger Games" ... quite compelling. Try Anne McCaffery's "Dragon" series (Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragon Drums ... and several on from there) ...

    Happy reading!

  9. Sweet layout. As far as reads i don't think these are categorized as YA but they are great, clean reads. The Mitford Series by Jan Karon, awesome. I have enjoyed many books by Ted Dekker, my 21-yo introduced me to those, especially Red, Green, Black, that series by Dekker. Spiritual allegory. I kind of wish i had a treadmill but will stick with the Wii (: Let us know what you choose to read next!

  10. hunger games and catching fire (the sequel) - great books. It does help with excercise! Getting lost in a good book and then realizing - hey-its been 1/2 hour! Love that!