Monday, December 07, 2009

december 7...

Well, it's been almost a week since my sad sad post about having nothing done for the holiday season.  I'm happy to report that since that day, I have made a dent (albeit a small dent) in our holiday preparations.

I've purchased gift wrap - thanks to the American Crafts warehouse sale (if you are local, you definitely should visit them).


I've purchased a handful of gifts...sorry no pictures or words about this one - too many little eyes might see.

We put up the tree and decorations yesterday (though I'm limiting the decorations this year - trying to keep the house simple and clutter free, yet festive and fun for our family).


I made simple Christmas cards and picked them up - thanks to!!  Now I just need to stuff and address the envelopes.

I sent out invitations to the family Christmas party this weekend - and now I'm hoping the forecast changes so we can actually ATTEND the party in St. George next weekend.

The boys have been loving reading the books from our holiday basket again this year.  If you'd like to see what we've read already, check out my December shelf on Goodreads.

We were able to visit with Santa Claus on Saturday morning at our ward Christmas Party - it was Breakfast with Santa!  (I loved having a morning less evening to fill up PLUS we got to see the big guy before he was exhausted from a long day of chatting with kiddos!!)


And this morning, we woke up to THIS:


...about 8 inches of snow this morning and it hasn't stopped falling yet.  It's gorgeous.  How could you NOT get in the holiday spirit when the world around you is white and bright and beautiful??


(well, unless maybe you are these two who had to walk to the bus stop this morning)

Don't worry - the hot chocolate will be ready for them when they get home.  The Christmas songs will be playing.  The tree lights will be on.  The Christmas spirit is alive and well at our house!  


  1. glad you're getting all christmas-ey over there! love the shot of the ornaments on the tree! and not jealous of the weather ... but the snow does look so gorgeous! you'll never believe this ... but we got snow this morning. none of it stuck, and it only lasted about a half hour ... but it was definately real snow :)

  2. I love the look of all that snow though it must be frustrating & difficult to manage for your plants & roads, etc. I live in Africa & have never even seen snow - it is definitely on my bucket list!