Tuesday, December 22, 2009

be merry...

Guess what?  I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday!  woohoo!!! 

I swear I heard angels singing on my drive home through Provo Canyon.  Okay, it was probably the FM 100 holiday tunes pumping through the speakers, but still...

Now I'm ready to spend the day wrapping, delivering, baking, and cleaning while the storm rolls in and the snow falls gently outside my windows and turns my world into a winter wonderland. 

And you know what?  I'm really excited about all of it! 

merry even!

Speaking of being merry...


This card is in the Nov/Dec issue of Paper Crafts Magazine

It's bright and fun and little non-traditional - and it makes me happy.


I added stickles to trim the tree.  And I love love love these doodlebug glitter letter stickers -

that is my favorite font EVER.

So, today I'm trying to decide what to prepare for dinner on Christmas Eve.  I am thinking probably ham and some type of potatoey side dish...but I'm not sure what yet.  Do you have any Christmas Eve meal traditions?  I remember going out to a restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner when I was a little girl.  Then we would drive around looking at Christmas lights, singing Christmas songs, watching the sky for signs of Rudolph's nose.  Good, good memories.

Just in case you're looking for a yummy (and EASY) dinner idea, here's a recipe for a really good baked potato topping.  My brother made it for our whole family a few months ago (when we got together for lunch between sessions of General Conference.  I think everyone enjoyed it.  Meagan doesn't like baked potatoes, so she just put some in a bowl and ate it like soup with a roll - she loved it that way.  I liked it so much that I made it when I hosted an evening with a bunch of fun friends at our house in October.  And then a couple of weeks ago, we were in charge of Brad's family Christmas party...and we made it again.  It was a hit!  Brad's oldest brother even requested that it become a new tradition.  (He and his family are vegetarians, so I think they appreciated the non-meat main course).  Anyway, it's easy and it's yummy and it's warm, and you just can't get any better than that.  So, here's the recipe - if you're looking for a quick and easy meal - one you can prepare early in the day so it's low-stress at meal time.  (Thanks again, Rustin!)  :o)


[I used this (older) FREE digital kit for the background paper on the recipe card.]

And now I'm off to wrap and clean and bake...and sing! 

Hope your day is merry too!!



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  1. I love the card - congrats on getting your shopping done. On Christmas Eve we usually go to both the 7pm service (led by the youth) and then the 11pm service (more traditional and the one that the college kids that are home usually go to). So for years we have gone out for Chinese food. Our local Asian restaurant is the only establishment open on Christmas Eve. We usually invite some other families and it is a great time of fellowship. In fact my husband thought he would change it this year, but both girls would not stand for it.