Thursday, December 17, 2009

another card-to-bag project...

I thought I'd share another recycled card project - same idea as before, but with a larger bag.

Here are the ingredients...a plain old white gift bag and a super cute snowman card from my cute friend, Holly. :)


First of all, I cut the front off the card and then distressed the edges with sandpaper.  Next, I mounted the card on green cardstock...because the bag was larger than the card.  I used my sewing machine to stitch the card around the edges.  And I distressed the edges of the cardstock with a scraper.

(All of the distressing tools you could ever want can be found in this awesome kit...and here's a different version of the kit with more files.)


Obviously, since the bag is square and the card is rectangular, there was extra space below the card - to fill it in, I simply wrapped red string (I love using crochet thread, but I think I'm going to order this set to try.) around a few times, then tied a bow.  Then I added this cute layered snowflake sticker next to the bow.


Did you notice the cute image on the inside of the card?  I used my fun circle scallop punch to punch out the snowman. Since I had to cut part of him off in order to use the punch, I used the same distressing technique I used on the card front - simply sanding all of the edges.  I used a little rub-on word next to the snowman.  Then I added a circle punched from a coordinating patterned paper, punched a small hole through the center, and tied the tag onto the bag.


I tucked in some coordinating tissue and my bag is complete. :o)mission3_cardtobag2a


  1. These bag transformations are AMAZING! So cute!!! What a great idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing it. Now, every card I am receiving in the mail, I'm thinking about ripping it apart! :)

  2. I just love this idea! I cannot wait to see what pretty, Christmas cards I get in the mail this year, that I can turn into Christmas bags for next year. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That looks fabulous! Adding the green cardstock and red ribbon really add a lot to the look!

  4. What a creative transformation! Love your ideas!

  5. Awwww....that does my little heart good to know you kept my card!! The bag is DARLING!!! I can hardly stand how cute and talented you are! ;o)

  6. this bag is so adorable wendy! now i just need people to send me some cute cards like the one from your friend. lol!

  7. I am amazed! I love this, now I'm thinking of all those old birthday cards that I have that are just taking a space! Post more!!!

  8. This is brilliant. I'm going to stock some plain white and tan gift bags now and recycle cards all year long. Going greeeen!