Sunday, November 22, 2009

surprise boxes...

...are available again!
When I offered to make up some surprise boxes to sell last month, I was amazed at the response!  I sold more than I imagined - thank you to everyone who helped me share some of my stash.  Well, since that post, we have put our home on the market (again) and I've really been working hard to get everything spiffed up around here - and with the fun opportunity of being invited to join the CK Dream Team and all of the fun goodies I have been receiving due to that - I'm ready to part with even more of my "older" goodies from my stash.
Again, let me remind you that while most of the product is brand new, never been used, there are a few things, like sticker sheets, packages of brads, cards of buttons, etc. that have a few pieces missing - even so, there are plenty of good pieces to use!  There may be cardstock, patterned paper, specialty paper, buttons, brads, chipboard, stickers, stamps...and more - every box is different, but each box is filled to the brim (literally) with goodies!
I've had several people buy them for Christmas gifts - and I think you could easily split one box of goodies up into several little gifts/stocking stuffers/etc. 
Just like before, I'll sell them for $20 plus shipping.  I'm using the flat rate Priority Mail boxes which ship for $10.70 in the US.  And of course, if you're local, we'll just arrange a pick-up time. :)  There will be WAY more than $20 worth of product in each box.  WAY WAY more.
If you are interested, please e-mail me
I've already got several boxes packed up, taped, and ready to as soon as I receive payment, I just need to add an address label and the box will be on it's way to it's new home!

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  1. I got my box! MY GOSH! I don't know how you fit all that in that one box! And the best part? I.DON'T.OWN.ANY.OF.IT.
    I got ALL new stuff to play with this weekend!
    Thanks, Wendy!