Tuesday, September 01, 2009

the first...

Today is the first day of September. 

Today is also the first day of school. 

This one was up with the roosters:


She has to be...since school starts at 7:45. 

See the early morning glow on her cheek? 

She was so excited...and suddenly she looks so grown up to me.

Here she is boarding her "bus":


aka Dad's ride. 

Nice of him, huh? 

She'll ride the big yellow bus most days, but when it works for them,

Dad's ride is much much more comfortable. :)

And an hour later, this handsome guy was ready to go:


Again...looking way too grown up - funny how one summer makes such a huge difference! 

He only let me snap one quick photo before he turned and headed to the bus. 

No hug. 

No kiss. 

No nothing. 


I asked him to wait for me so I could walk down to the bus stop with him. 

His reply sounded something like this: "moooooo-oooom, NO!"

Whatever, kid. 

I gave him a 30 second head-start. ;) 

But I left him alone. 

I didn't ask him to pose at the bus stop. 

I didn't even talk to him. 

I just hung back with the other parents and snapped a quick shot as he climbed onto the bus:


And then there were two. 


The little boys and I hung out all day - they worked on some art projects while I did a little bit of work.  We also did some laundry, ran some errands, and bought icees to give to the big kids when they came back home. 

It was a good first day.

Seth's big first day is coming soon...but he has another week or so to spend with me and Zach - even though he can hardly stand the wait, we'll make the most of it!


  1. great photos of the kids wendy! i can't believe megan's classes start that early ... i can't imagine having my girls ready that early. i guess i'll be thankful for our 8:30 start time. lol!

    and i don't get good-bye's anymore either. i guess that's not cool when they get to a certain age. sarah wouldn't let me anywhere near her classroom on the first day. i knew not to even attempt it with alyssa. lol!

  2. I hate to break it to you but the boys attitudes don't change. My twins are in 10th this year. For some reason they didn't want me taking them either! I was sad. :(

  3. Cute, cute, kids! Mine grew up too fast over the summer, too! :( Hugs!