Monday, July 13, 2009

on top of the world...

literally.  We spent the weekend of the 4th down in St. George with my parents.  On the 4th, we drove to Zions...because our little rock hound (aka Josh) insisted on visiting some rock shops there.  It was a nice drive - we enjoyed the air conditioning, some cold drinks, Subway lunch, and sweet snacks along the way.  We found some rock shops, did a little bit of exploring, and visited a few other stores before we decided to head back to the house in St. George.  On the way back, Brad decided to follow a sign pointing to "Kolob Reservoir."  Of course, we've never been we thought we'd check out the old lake.  The kids weren't happy...but they ended up falling asleep soon after we took the turn-off, so that worked out just great!

The ride was amazing.  We literally felt like we were on top of the world...and judging by some of the sharp drop-offs, cliffs, and all-around scary roadsides, my "afraid-of-heights-side" was convinced.  Other than feeling sick to my stomach because of the aforementioned scenery, I was in awe - it was gorgeous.

Don't you agree?  (please ignore the dirty windows and funny reflections...I was taking these pics with my little point and shoot as we were driving)

And further proof that we were so dang high:

(near the top of the mountain)  vs.

(almost to the bottom of the mountain again...I forgot to take one when we got all the way back down to the main road, but it was about 105 degrees there).

And, ironically, we never did find the reservoir.  Must have missed a turn somewhere...or maybe we didn't go far enough before we turned around to head back down to safe ground. :)

And figuratively.


I am so excited to be joining Cosmo Cricket as a member of their design team for the next year! 

I love cute product (as if you didn't already know), so I am absolutely thrilled to be able to work with their fun designs...just wait until you see what's coming out in a couple of weeks...I'm so excited - can't wait to share!! :o)



  1. We went to Kolob Canyon last year for a family reunion and got totally lost. We did find the resevoir and you basically have to drive and drive and drive until you think you've missed it. But then all of a sudden a huge "pond" appears and the road ends, I don't think resevoir is an appropriate description. There was one boat on the waterwhen we got there, and the kids had a ton of fun playing on the dock. Hopefully you'll try and find it again, it really is worth going to too.

  2. That's so funny...we were just at Zions, drove by the Kolob Resevoir sign and we said "we really need to go check that out someday." And now that I've seen your pics, we REALLY have to...gorgeous.

    And congrats on Cosmo Cricket. Sweet gig. Love their stuff.

  3. That's where my little family and I were for the 4th...the reservoir is so beautiful...the whole drive was. I'm certain we must have passed each other and how I would have loved to have bumped into you.
    Congrats on Cosmo Cricket!

  4. You are so brave to make that drive! I am a chicken, I think the only way I could have done it would to have been laying on the floor of the car! Looks gorgeous! I am so excited that you will be designing with cosmo! I feel so out of the loop not working at the store anymore!

  5. Congrats on designing for Cosmo Cricket. When we tackled the Kolob Resevoir drive, we were turned back due to snow (in April). We hiked Wildcat Trail, though, and had a wonderful day. That is also the road to The Subway, an amazing hike into a slot canyon (need to sign up for a permit). Love your layouts; thanks for sharing.