Monday, April 06, 2009

spring break begins...

The kids are out of school this week for Spring Break.  We kind of celebrated "spring break" a few weeks early, when we went to Disneyland...but we still have some fun planned for later this week.  Brad couldn't take the entire week off work, but we are hoping he'll be able to take Thursday and Friday off so we can all go down to St. George for a long weekend.  My parents bought a new home down there, and we can't wait to go down and check it out (the kids are especially excited for the waterpark that's right next door)! 

So I need to figure out some fun things we can do here at home for the first part of the know, besides making them help me clean up around the house, lol.  Any fun ideas?

We celebrated Brad's birthday over the weekend - a simple, quiet (as quiet as you can get with four kiddos) kind of celebration...just the way he likes it.  We actually went shopping at Cabellas on Saturday, where he found a seat thing he's been wanting for the 4-wheelers.  So he opted to get that for his birthday...and then we went out to a buffet.  Not my favorite - but he really likes them, so we went...and I didn't complain at all.  (that was MY gift to him, lol)

Yesterday was his actual birthday and we spent a nice, quiet day at home.  We watched General Conference, ate frozen pizza for breakfast (and dinner, lol), and had hot apple pie with ice-cream in the middle of the day.  It was the most laid-back day we've had in a long long time.

In addition to this quick re-cap of our weekend, how about a little project share??  This is a calendar I made for the new issue of Scrapbook Play that was recently published.


The calendar "blank" is from Making Memories

And this is a not-so-good picture of one of the inside pages:


After seeing all of the cinnamon roll commercials that were on yesterday during conference, (did anyone else notice those??..."it must be Christmas if mom is baking cinnamon rolls"), I decided to make cinnamon rolls for the kids for breakfast this morning.  Well, me and the Pillsbury dough boy.  Better go pop them in the oven...I can't think of a yummier way to wake up my four sleeping angels. :o)

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