Friday, April 17, 2009

let's play ball...

I just registered Meagan for Fast Pitch softball. There was an option to do it online this year, which is so nice – no long lines or taking impatient little boys to wait while I fill out paper work. I don't know if the "contract" has always been the same, and maybe I haven't read it as well as I should have...or if it's different this year, but I had to giggle when I started reading the Liability Release. I know…it shouldn’t be funny…but read this:

Statement of Agreement- Assumption of Risk, Liability Release, Refund Policy, and Regulations

Release: I hereby recognize and acknowledge that my/ or my child's participation in Wasatch County Parks and Recreation’s programs and activities may involve bodily injury and/or emotional injury to myself and /or my child. In consideration of me /or my child being permitted to participate in such events, I, for myself, my child, my heirs, my executors and administrators, do hereby voluntarily and knowingly release, waive, and discharge Wasatch County/Wasatch County Parks and Recreation, its officers and employees, and Wasatch County School District from any and all liability that may result from my participation in Wasatch County Parks and Recreation activities, I agree to all terms set forth by this agreement and waiver.

Seriously?  Emotional injury to myself and/or my child…huh. I wonder what has happened in the past to make this disclaimer necessary. Is it funny…or should I be worried??? Honestly, I don’t think I can handle any more emotional issues…so I’ll cross my fingers, grit my teeth, and hope for the best.


(photo from last spring – slow-pitch softball 2008)


  1. that is pretty funny. lol! i have never actually read what i'm signing ... figure it's just a sport. lol! although as they get older, i think the competive nature sets in more ... a lot of times with the parents more than the girls. so i could see some emotional stuff there. lol!

  2. LOL! Love it! :) Let us know her schedule, we would love to catch a couple of games.

  3. Cute photo! I'm rather bummed today. My 12 year old began the season as starting pitcher for his baseball team. Friday night, he broke his probably no more baseball this season! I LOVE baseball season and could cry!