Monday, December 08, 2008

december 6...

Right now, the Heber Valley Railroad (which I still call the Heber Creeper) is running the Polar Express and while I think it would be really fun to take the kids on the Polar Express, I just can't fathom spending the huge chunk of money on it right I was super excited several weeks ago when I got an e-mail from my friend Sunny, letting me know about a free train ride sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  yes, I said FREE.  woo-hoo (thanks again, Sunny).  Now if you know my boys, you know they are train lovers - so I couldn't wait to take them on the train. 

So...after my fun little morning/early afternoon out, I boogied back to Heber so we could take the kids for a ride on the train. Brad had the kids ready to go, so I pulled in, loaded up the kids and we were off.  We waited in line for a while...I'm so glad the weather has been so unseasonably warm, especially when we have to wait outside in line for things...120608_train1

The train and station were all decked out for Christmas.


After we boarded the train, we were sitting in our seats and guess who we saw arrive at the train station?  Oh yeah...the big guy himself.  I wish I had a photo of Seth's face when he saw Santa climb onto our train car, come in, and close the door behind him. 


He walked down the aisle and spoke to every single person.  He tried to shake Zach's hand (Zach would have nothing to do with that) - and I was surprised when Seth reached up and shook his hand.


The actual train ride was short - only to Soldier Hollow and back, but it was long enough.  It was all about the idea of riding the train, rather than the actual ride, I think.


Meagan and Josh - sitting together so nicely on one bench.


Tony and Daxen went with us too.  Seth wanted Daxen to sit by him...Daxen wanted to sit with his daddy, so this set-up only lasted a few seconds.  Of course, Zach insisted on sitting next to his daddy too.


And proof that I was there...with a wiggly silly Seth on my lap for a lot of the ride.

(Tony and Dax were behind me)

That brings me to my daily photo...of course, a picture of the Santa Train...



  1. cute pictures! I am so bummed that we missed it this year! Kaitie's baptism fell on the same day. Looks like you had a great time and the weather couldn't have been nicer!

  2. what a fun day out! and you got lots of great pictures. and so good that you got in one too!

  3. I am so happy you enjoyed it! It was such a busy day getting it all together that I missed seeing you there. (My boys had to ride the very front car)
    I love your photos, I need to get some photo tips from you!!
    Have a good day~