Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Grandma's funeral was yesterday.  The weather was perfectly appropriate for a funeral - drizzly rain, dark clouds, and quite cool temperatures. Meagan played the piano before the family prayer - something she wanted very much to do for Grandma...and she played beautifully.  I'm sure Grandma was looking down from Heaven and smiling.  I can just hear her saying "That's my great-granddaughter and I'm so proud of her."  At the funeral my cousin, RaeAnn, gave a beautiful tribute to Grandma...she did an amazing job.  All of the great-grandchildren sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and it was absolutely precious.  All of the grandchildren sang "Amazing Grace," which was apparently Grandma's only request for her funeral.  It was one of those things that none of us (well, most of us) would have NEVER done...since the majority of us have NO singing ability whatsoever...but we did it for Grandma, because that's what she wanted.  Luckily, many of us married people who can sing...so they sang with us, and it was okay.  (I'm glad that part is over) Grandma's nephew and a former bishop also spoke. 

We all drove to the cemetery for the dedication of the grave, and gathered back at the church for lunch - where there was a lot of visiting and reminiscing about Grandma.111008_funeral2

Later in the afternoon, we took pumpkins up to sit on Grandma's grave...something Meagan asked to do.  She's still having a hard time, but I know that with time, she'll be okay.  I think the hardest thing for me was seeing my dad so emotional.  He's always been pretty good at hiding his emotions, or keeping them to himself, so seeing him cry was super hard for  me.  Again, though, I know with time, he'll be okay.  He has a lot of wonderful memories and I am sure that he knows he will see his mother again someday - that knowledge alone can help carry anyone through such a difficult trial, I am sure.

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments, e-mails, and even phone calls you've shared since I posted last week.  I surely appreciate your kind words and thoughts.  Grandma loved the holidays, so I think the best way we can honor her is to go ahead and enjoy the holidays...spend time together...and love each other - that's what she would want.


  1. sounds like a beautiful service. love that everyone sang the songs that she loved! i hope the holidays can be a happy time for you and your family ... and remembering all the great things about her!

  2. What a beautiful casket and flowers.... perfect for your beautiful grandmother.

    Hope each day brings more peace.

  3. Wendy, I feel so bad! I have seen you several times since then and I had no idea that this had gone on in your family!!! I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like she was an incredible woman.