Thursday, August 28, 2008

good stuff...

I love surprises - I always have. When I was a little girl, I remember saving my allowance all summer, just waiting for the County Fair in August every year. My favorite thing to buy...a "grab bag" (or 2 or 3) from the Palace Drug on Main Street. I honestly don't remember a single item I ever got, but I do remember the anticipation of opening up the brown bag to see what treasures were awaiting me. The county fair has changed tons since those days - no sidewalk sales, no grab bags, no Palace Drug...but one thing that hasn't changed is my love of surprises! It's not very often that I get them least not good surprises (my surprises are more like SURPRISE! You get to have another root canal! or SURPRISE! Here's another bill for you to pay! or SURPRISE! You get to scrub the toilet again! But I digress...)

I just found out about a SURPRISE that's right up my alley. O'Scrap is selling Surprise boxes full of lots of cute colorful goodness. Seriously, it's not a secret that I love, love, love CUTE stuff...and O'Scrap is the leader of CUTE.
Anyway, I thought I'd pass along the information in case any of you are in the market for a surprise and an awesome deal on some great scrapbooking product. OOooh, and see in that photo above - the cloth tote? There's something like that included in every package as well (not necessarily that exact tote...but some kind of thing along the same line. Here's the description from the O'Scrap site:

Each surprise pack offers the same great value, and
includes stickers, rubber stamps, glitters, imprintables,
die cuts, card-making
supplies, and more. (Back to School Pack shown.)

Check out the site by clicking here.

There are lots of themes available:
Back To School,
Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Family/Love, Celebration, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

Each surprise box is $34.99. I'm not sure what the MSRP is for each box, but I'm sure it's at least double, if not more.

If you decide to purchase a kit, would you please put my name (Wendy) in the "referral code" spot at checkout? I'd really appreciate it - and then they'll know where their customers are coming from. AND, to sweeten the deal just a bit - if you buy a surprise package and list me as the referral, come back here and leave a post letting me know. For anyone who takes me up on this deal, I'll draw a winner for a fun surprise box from me...for free, lol! It'll be GOOD STUFF! (And hey, if you buy more than one surprise box, just let me know and I'll enter your name an equal amount of times in my little giveaway too!)

Okay, now go check it out! :o)


  1. love your work! you have an award on my blog ;)

  2. Purchased the Family bag becuase I live O'Scrap and adore you. :0) R

  3. I never could resist a good grab bag!
    I ordered two - the back to school and love/family. Can't wait to get them.
    I enjoy your blog--what talent!

    Mary Of Midway

  4. Ooh yum - love the goodies!

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. You are such an enabler! ok - I couldn't pass up this offer, either, and ordered the Celebration Kit. Thanks for the link, Wendy!

    Sue in Alexandria VA

  6. What a great thing. I admit I have lost touch with the whole OScrap! thing. What a great idea.

  7. Very cute kits!!! Always great to find new websites...