Monday, July 28, 2008

a quickie...

In other news...we had a WONDERFUL long weekend. I have zoo pictures and lake pictures to share (I just need Brad to bring his cord home from work so we can download the photos onto my computer). We also had a surprise visit from Brad's mom. We spent some time with friends - s'mores and fireworks on the 24th. Brad and I went to see the new Batman movie. We really did not like it. In fact, Brad REALLY did not like it at all. Have you seen it? what did you think? I just felt like there was too much violence, and it surely gave some wacko out there too many crazy ideas. Overall, it was just dark. There wasn't anything uplifting at all. Oh, and did I mention it was almost 3 hours long? crazy. And with that being said, some of the special effects were very cool. We also went to the demolition derby on Saturday was so much spite of the wind and rain that surprised us all. Seriously, who knew watching cars (and trucks) crash into each other on purpose could be so entertaining? Apparently lots of people, because the place is ALWAYS packed! I haven't been for several years, but I think we'll be going again next year - I enjoyed it, Brad enjoyed it, and the kids loved it.
And just because a post without a project or photo is not as's a layout I created at the retreat a few weeks ago:

This is one of the layouts from Lori's class. Her original was 12x12, but I decided to make it into a 2 page 8 1/2 x 11 for my album. :0)


  1. Hi Wendy,
    Can’t wait to see your photos, it was a great weekend. We also love the derby but were to slow in getting tickets this year. But we are looking forward to the rodeo on the 2nd. Have a fun summer!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I have got to get on that. Life needs to slow down, or I guess I just need to make it a priority, right?

    I've heard mixed reviews on the batmat movie.... sounds like it's pretty dark and violent.

    Always love your pages...

  3. LOVE that layout! One of my faves of yours...the color combo is great!! :o)

  4. i am signed up for the target giftcard thing ... just havn't had time to go check it all out. lol! sounds like another fun-packed, busy weekend! so nice that you are doing so many fun activities this summer! love the layout!

  5. just in case, i am not to late, i am realllly interested in the target GC thing.
    thanks for alll your great ideas! and i love the layouts. really.

  6. Hey-
    I didn't like Batman either, and I was sad that movie was the last one Heath Ledger did.

    Not one I want to remember him for.