Thursday, May 15, 2008

mothers day...

Mother's Day was a typical Sunday at our house. I spent the morning preparing my primary lesson, helped get everyone ready for church, and headed out...just in time. Seth started getting one of his headaches during Sacrament Meeting, so Brad brought the boys home from church early. By the time I got home, everyone except Josh and I had changed out of their church clothes (even though I had specifically asked the kids to KEEP them ON so I could have Brad take a picture of me with the kids for Mother's Day). Seth and Zach took naps, Meagan wasn't feeling well because of a tooth issue she was having, and it just seemed that nobody was in a very good mood. Seth's headache finally started feeling better around 7:00 pm so we went over to my mom & dad's to take Mom her Mother's Day gift. We visited for a while, then came home and tried to get the boys settled down for bed...which wasn't happening since they'd taken long afternoon naps. Oh, the fun!
Maybe next year I can get that Mother's Day photo that I can never seem to get.
The day wasn't all bad - Brad did cook a ham and some rolls for lunch - very yummy...and the house smelled so good when I came home from church!
I do want to share some fun gifts I received for Mother's Day though. Meagan spent some time on my computer Saturday. She printed out a cute card and some great coupons for me to use - so sweet!

Josh made this great butterfly picture and card for me. I love the handwritten parts of the card - such a sweetie! He also painted a pot and gave it to me with a plant in it (I'll have to take a picture of it and add it).

I already shared the gift Brad bought for new Kitchen Aid...I love it! The kids and I broke it in on Friday and made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies. It was SO nice to be able to mix the entire batch and not have to use my hands to mix in the last cup of flour!! :o)

And Brad gave me this fabulous basket full of goodies too! How sweet is this?

Can you believe he actually WON this Mother's Day gift basket?! He entered a drawing at the AutoSpa here in town -- he washes his truck practically every day, so I think it's only fair that he would win since he pretty much funds their operating costs every month, lol.
(When I drove past the car wash yesterday I noticed the marquee still had the info for the drawing...since I had my camera with me, I circled around the block and took a quick photo - just for fun!)

He has the BEST luck of anyone I know! (Okay, except for maybe my sister who won a car last year) But seriously - he is one lucky guy! Which makes me one lucky girl! :o)

And I can't forget this beautiful flower bowl my parents gave to me. Now I just have to wait for the weather to be warm enough to keep it outside - until then, it looks pretty nice right out on my kitchen table - it's so bright and it makes me happy!

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  1. Ok, that is hilarious that he won that basket. The day after Mother's day I saw that sign up at the carwash and was wondering who would have won that basket, turns out it was you! Looks like you had a great Mother's Day!