Tuesday, May 27, 2008

day one of summer vacation...

...was a lovely day. The weather was nice - not hot...but it wasn't raining (or snowing) like it was last week. The kids played outside a lot. They're still outside playing with a bunch of neighborhood kids -- you know it's summer when everyone is still outside in their front yards after the sun goes down! I love it! {There are about 6 kids out on our front lawn squealing and playing frisbee right now - they just put down their scooters for a minute, but I'm sure they'll be taking them out for one more whirl around the cul-de-sac before the night is over.}

Nights like this bring back memories from when I was little and we'd play outside with our cousins until it was dark. When it was too dark to see (or when our moms made us go inside) we'd go in and get ready for bed. (our cousins would head in and get their flashlights so they could go back out and hunt for night crawlers...I can't remember for sure, but I think they sold them to fishermen...)

We had ice cream before bed a lot during the summer -- mom always chopped up walnuts and there were plenty of toppings to choose from. I almost always had vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping and walnuts...then I'd wait for it to melt a little and stir it up until it was a "shake" and eat/drink it...and I believe I probably even licked the bowl a time or two. If we didn't have ice cream, we had watermelon...with salt. YUM! And I'd always always always save the center of my slice for last - it is always the sweetest and juiciest.
Well, that was a tangent I wasn't planning on taking...but when the memory comes, I'm recording it...I may never remember it again otherwise, lol.

and back to the present...

Meagan's first piano recital was tonight. She did such a great job. She said she messed up...but I couldn't tell at all, so I doubt anyone else noticed either. Here she is with her piano teacher, Olivia...who is one of the most talented and patient people I know!

The recital was at UVSC (or is it UVU now?) - she played on a gorgeous grand piano and behind her there were huge windows with amazing views of our valley and Timpanogos. I hadn't been inside the college since they built it a few years ago -- but I'd love to go back and just sit there and watch the sun set every night!

Tomorrow we're getting back on track with our summer chore schedule - which I am excited about. The kids aren't...but I am! They are such good helpers when they are motivated...so hopefully tomorrow they'll wake up with lots of energy to spend in the house with me before they head outside to play.

Have I mentioned how excited I am for summer to be here?!?


  1. that is the exact same way i eat my ice cream (except with chopped peanuts) ... vanilla, chocolate sauce, chopped nuts ... and totally softened to a "shake" consistency! lol!

    glad the first day of summer was so nice! we've never been the kind to let the girls stay outside all night ... they're just aren't kids around that are their age or friends with them. and a busy street ... that doesn't help. but my girls are really big on hanging out in the backyard right right now ... they made a make-shift tetherball and play that thing all night!

    you'll have to share your chore ideas ... my girls always bug me about giving them chore charts. not sure why i never have. lol!

  2. Loved reading your summer memories! I totally remember summer being that way...playing until it got really dark or until the moms starting yelling from the porches! Those were the days!!

  3. I am always so motivated with job charts, schedules, etc. in June, then by about mid July it's a free-for-all. ;) Happy Summer! PS, your little pianist is lovely.

  4. Meagan is such a beautiful girl. I love her piano teacher Olivia and I especially love UVU! Yes, we officially become UVU on July 1! We are having a huge celebration here on June 23 that I have been so lucky to plan! Find out more at www.uvu.edu/wasastch and click on UVUphoria! It will be a lot of fun...and would love to see you there! Until then come on back up to campus and enjoy the view!