Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Whew, it's Tuesday...but it totally feels like a Monday. We were hoping to get out of town for the long weekend, but it turns out that it was probably a good thing our plans didn't work out. Meagan and I were both sick on Saturday, Seth woke up Sunday morning sick, Brad was sick all day yesterday, and Josh woke up in the night last night - yep, you guessed it - sick. So it turns out that the kids are getting an extra day added to their long weekend and we're all hanging out here in Sickville.

Actually everyone seems to be doing better now. Brad has classes all week in Salt Lake, so I'm hoping his bug was only the 24 hour kind. And the kids all seem to be doing alright this afternoon - I wasn't about to send them to school today though, I wanted to be sure they were pukeless for at least 24 hours before they went anywhere.

We did make a quick run to Provo last night because we needed groceries and a new DVD player since ours decided not to work...though I think it had a bit of help from a couple of little boys because after we got home last night I decided to unscrew the cover so I could take out the movie that was stuck inside and I found two Bob the Builder movies, two pennies, and a nickel. I put it back together and guess what? It works! lol Which turns out to be a good thing...since we unboxed our NEW machine and it looks like someone took a baseball bat to it. It is so strange because the box looked fine, the styrofoam around the machine was perfect, it was wrapped in plastic, which was secure...but the machine itself...not so nice. It had to have happened in the factory before it was ever packaged. Strange stuff...and of course, just our luck, lol. If the kids continue to feel well for a few hours, I may just load them up and run back to Provo to exchange it -- even though the old player started working, we can still use a new one on a different TV.

Anyway... that's what's happening here. I think everyone who said they couldn't get my font to download got it, but let me know if it still isn't working for you and I'll e-mail it to you -- and thanks, everyone for the nice comments. :) Meagan has her sheet filled out so I need to send it to Allie and get Meagan's font created!

And, just because I hate doing a post without photos or project, here's a recent American Crafts page (I love the new chipboard letters):

Have a great day! :o)


  1. sorry to hear you've all been sick ... but good to hear you're feeling better! and that must have been funny to find all that stuff in the DVD player ... ours isn't down low enough for anyone to reach (even i have to stand on my tiptoes) ... otherwise i'm sure i'd find stuff in there too! lol!

    i got your font downloaded ... and i even used in on a layout today! i'll post it a little later!

    and loving those AC chipboard letters! will have to find those when they're out!

  2. fun lo. glad you are all feeling better.

  3. Hope everyone is better! I'm not sure which is worse...everyone sick all at once, or stringing it out over the course of two weeks or so...

    And I am LOLing at your DVD experience. We've been looking for WEEKS for our Xbox games, and I found them the other day all stacked up neatly inside the VHS. Count your blessings that it wasn't bologna! (My nieces have done that!)

  4. We've been passing the sickiers around our house for WEEKS! Hope your family is all on the mend.

    And great layout! (as usual)

  5. Oooh..this page is fantastic! I am so sorry that you have all been sick. That is NOT fun! So hey.....you need to make sure that you drop by when you are able to sit a sec and visit during the JULY Mini Retreat at Memory Box. I would love to sit and chat with ya!!! Hope you all feel better soon!