Friday, February 22, 2008

meagan's font...

I thought you might like to see the note I just typed up and printed out for Meagan.

She is going to be so excited when she gets home from school! As soon as she saw my font, she couldn't wait to create her own. Allie just sent it to me and I love it! I'm excited to be able to have Meagan's 10-year-old handwriting forever, because I know it will change as she gets older.

I just realized I didn't share photos of the kids from Valentine's Day.

They aren't the best photos (especially of the two older kiddos, because it wasn't very light when I took their pictures before they left for school), but that's okay. :o)

It's snowing again...crazy crazy snow. We woke up yesterday to about four inches of fresh snow - it makes everything so beautiful outside! My mother in law is driving up from St. George I hope it doesn't snow too hard at least until she arrives safely. And speaking of my MIL coming, I should go finish cleaning up the kitchen! :o)


  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog. It will be fun to catch up with each other again. I've added your blog to my favs, so I'm sure I'll be a frequent visitor. :)

    Meagan has such nice writing for a 10-year old! Tell her I really like her font.

  2. she has the most beautiful handwriting! i showed this to alyssa and she wants to do it too!

    hope you have a fun weekend!