Sunday, December 23, 2007

christmas eve eve...

How did it get to be two days before Christmas already??? I still have projects to finish, presents to wrap, and yes, even a little bit of shopping left to do!
I thought I'd share a quick picture of the neighbor gifts we delivered this year (have I mentioned how fun it is to actually HAVE neighbors?!?).
Oh, and just because one funeral during the holidays isn't quite enough...we're going to have another one next Friday. We got the phone call Friday night that Brad's grandma Jolley passed away. This time it's definitely a celebration though...I mean seriously, if you live to be 102 - yes, that's ONE HUNDRED AND TWO years old, your life just has to be celebrated!! What a happy day it must have been in Heaven when she was reunited with her sweetheart who passed away so very many years ago!

Okay, I'm off to finish up a couple of projects before our little family party tonight!
Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! :o)


  1. those are such cute neighbor gifts! i wish i had fun neighbors! lol!

    sorry to hear about brad's grandma. we got a call saturday morning that joe's grandma had passed away that morning. definately sad ... but i know she was more than ready to go and see her husband and son up in heaven. they're having a service on friday too.

    hope you get everything done and ready! merry christmas!

  2. Wendy...
    Merry your card the other day in the's just too cute! I love the neighbor gifts...What a great idea. I love it... Did you do some type of cute saying with it? If so you gotta email me a copy!

    So sorry to hear about your brother in law and Brad's grandma. Your family is in my thoughts.