Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pumpkin time...

Yesterday, on our way to Meagan's piano lesson, we passed this: It was parked out in front of an old farmhouse...which just happens to be the same dairy farm where Brad worked when he was a teenager.
Today, after the kids came home from school, we returned! We got a bunch of pumpkins in lots of shapes and sizes - and all for only $11!! What a bargain!

Things like this make me so happy to live in the "country," though our little town is growing quickly and many of the farms and fields are becoming subdivisions.

This made me giggle:...gotta love good old country humor!

(I was telling my neighbor about the sign and she got a worried look on her face and said,
"Oh, I hope nobody actually puts their credit card in there!"
Um, yeah, me too!)


  1. Our neighbor who lives just a block away fills her back yard with a pumpkin patch. She does the same kind of a pay system - honor. It is nice to have something so convenient.

  2. we're already through a 3rd of the month already, aren't we? i havn't even thought about making a pumpkin patch trip! lol! it's one of my favorite times to get pictures ... have to start planning that!

  3. LOL, so funny!!! I am dying for those tiny white pumkins...can't find them here, sigh...

  4. I really enjoyed chatting with you tonight on EBB. Thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule, we really appreciated it. It cracks me up to think that anyone would actually put their credit card in that bank. Very cute! And $11 is a great deal.