Saturday, January 20, 2007


I was working away in my warm office when Brad walked in and said, "You might want to come outside with your could probably get some good shots of the kids." I was surprised he was outside...and more surprised that all of the kids had gone outside (no wonder it had gotten so quiet). Anyway, I grabbed my camera and went outside to find the kids having a good time, although they weren't really dressed for the weather - according to me. According to Brad, it was "warm" and they were fine. Yes, I suppose that compared to my posting a few days ago when the temps were 15 degrees below zero, today was just 23 degrees.

Right after I came inside, the sun was covered with darker clouds...and now it's snowing outside. I'm glad the kids went outside to play and get some fresh air when it was WARM today! Posted by Picasa

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