Wednesday, December 27, 2006

homemade Christmas gifts...

I love creating (and receiving) Christmas gifts that are handmade. Last year I made a majority of the gifts we gave...but I don't think they went over so well. So this year I limited my handmade gifts to calendars (and saved myself a ton of time and stress).

Every year I make a calendar for my Grandma and for my parents. (Except for one year...and I sure heard about it! LOL) I've been trying to vary the styles and sizes, just for fun. This year's calendar was pretty simple...but I think it's my favorite so far. I used a template from MS Word to create the calendar, resized it and changed the font, added the birthdays and holidays, printed it on white cardstock, added the patterened paper, photos, embellishments and a favorite quote, and had them bound! I found some fun ribbons for hanging them and they are done! I also created a fun little perpetual date calendar for my aunt...kind of a handy little book to keep on hand, I think! I found this idea on Two Peas.

My calendars went together so easily this year that I decided to create one for us too!

Here's a peek at the inside of our calendar:


  1. I can't imagine ANYTHING homemade by YOU wouldn't go over well. These calendars are ADORABLE!!!! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea!

  2. I love ALL of your handmade gifts. I have all of the calendars you have made for me in albums. It's wonderful to watch our family grow. I think everyone loves your handmade gifts & cards. Thanks for sharing your talents with me. Keep them coming!:0)
    Love you,

  3. These are soooo cute! I wish I was on your list! How fun and personal to make such awesome gifts!

    Happy New Year!

  5. how cute is this??!!!!
    what a fabulous idea and gift!
    thanks for sharing such a fun idea!

  6. that is a cute idea!!! I'd love to see a closer picture of them!

  7. Hey Wendy, I check out your blog from time to time and love all of your work. I can't quite see the top 2 pictures of the calendars you made. Could you email them to me directly so I can enlarge them? I want to try and copy!

    Kristan Martin
    Libby, MT

  8. Thank you for sharing a terrific idea for gifts!

    I'm interested in seeing more pics of how you did the perpetual calendar. The link to 2peas didn't work. :(

    You can email any additional info or pics to me at

    Thank you!!!