Thursday, October 26, 2006

more halloween talk...

For a really long time I've been thinking about creating a mini album featuring my kids in their Halloween costumes from year to year -- kind of "costumes at a glance" style. I think I may have found the album I want to use for it:
I know, it's another project with the Making Memories Halloween line. I can' t help it. I love it. :o) I just wish each album had more pages...maybe I'll have to just do a separate one for each child. Simple and cute...just the way I like it! :o)

Oh, and speaking of Halloween (go figure, lol), we took the kids to Lagoon last Saturday, during Frightmares! Actually, we were there during the day, so the scary people in costumes weren't out yet. Normally, I would not choose to go to Lagoon when it is COLD outside. However, we bought tickets early in the summer, then Seth got sick on the drive up to Lagoon, so we ended up not going in. (We did, however, pay to park in the parking lot, so Lagoon did get some of our cashola that day.) With moving and everything else going on this summer, we just didn't make it back up there. The tickets we bought from Costco were non-returnable/non-refundable, and we couldn't find anyone who wanted to buy them (even at a discount), so we knew we only had a few opportunities left to use them....or just eat the $120. Since I don't care for eating money, we headed up to Farmington last Saturday. I could not believe how crowded it was. Seriously, I stood in line with the kids for an hour just to ride one ride. Craziness. Oh well, we used our tickets, had a little fun, got see Lagoon in all of it's Halloween decorated glory, and left before we froze our noses off AND before the scary characters started roaming around.


  1. Looks like a freaky time at lagoon. I check your blog frequently, but I missed your give-away. My loss. I'll be sure to check it more often in the future.
    Congratulations DENISE!
    Have a good day,