Friday, October 06, 2006

another halloween project...

...see, I told you I was excited for autumn, and halloween, and all that comes with it. I believe I've also mentioned how much I'm loving the new Making Memories Halloween Line, which is why I was thrilled to create this layout for their website this month.

You can see a better image, a list of supplies and complete instructions by clicking HERE.

We're going to put out our halloween decorations later today, when the kids get home from school -- and my friend sent me the recipe for her yummy (in other words, I can eat a loaf all by myself, so I'll have to make 2 or 3) pumpkin bread -- I can't wait for my house to smell delicious!


  1. Such a darling layout!! You'll have to post the recipe for the pumpkin bread! Sounds delish!

  2. Super fantastic layout! LOVE it! Great blog!