Friday, June 23, 2006


...that a tired toddler can, indeed, fall asleep anywhere!

Seth had a hard day today - he was extra tired but managed to fight off sleep for most of the day. As a result, he was super whiney and needy and he wanted his daddy all day long. So, when daddy went out to mow Grandpa & Grandma's lawn, Seth had to sit on his lap. That lawnmower is fun for a two-year old to ride on, but it's really loud that he had to plug both of his ears with his fingers. I guess the sound and vibration lulled him to sleep, but we all thought it was so funny that his fingers remained IN his little ears even after he fell asleep!

In other news...
*I got a new camera yesterday! I am so excited to finally have a digital SLR, now I just need to find time to play with it and learn how to take better pictures!

*We drive past our new house every day -- it looks like right now they are just gutting the garage and getting rid of everything that burned. The closing dates all got pushed back by several weeks, so we'll be staying here for a little longer than we were anticipating. The kids are thrilled, they LOVE having Grandpa and Grandma right here all the time! We're grateful we have a nice place to stay until our home is ready. :)

*We went to see the new Joseph Smith movie in SLC last night for my sisters b-day. GREAT movie...go see it if you can! Then we went to eat at Crown Burger -- oh my gosh, they have the BEST fry sauce ever!

*Planning a day at Lagoon tomorrow...with Tony and Daxen too...should be lots of fun! We'll see how we survive with two babies in tow. Brad offered to take the two big kids and let me stay home with the two little ones, but what can I say...I love a challenge! lol

*I'm so excited about some new *work* opportunities that have been offered to me recently! I'll share more when I can, but I'm excited about some things coming up in the next few months and the next year! Also, I'm back to work with lots of assignments and opportunities right now. I'm grateful for the work, but it's a challenge to work while my scrapbooking things are mostly packed up!

*The kids went to the dentist this week...Meagan and Josh were both cavity-free! Yahoo!! (Unfortunately Seth didn't fare as well...we'll be seeing a few shiny silver teeth in his cute smile soon.)


  1. That is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!!!!!!!

  2. Oh how cute! I guess if you're tired enough, right?! ;o) Sorry about the fire in your new frightening! Glad it turned out ok!

  3. New camera and new opportunities - wowsers girl! How cool!!! (: