Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Three months...

I know I've said it before (and not too long ago)...but geez, time is flying! I can't believe Zach is already 3 months old -- it's crazy to think about that! It seems like time has really starting flying since he joined our family - I mean, it's always gone fast, but it's on high-speed cruise control now. It makes me a little sad...good thing he's so cute and makes me so happy -- definitely outweighs the twinges of sadness about him growing and changing so quickly! :)


  1. What adoreable pictures! And what a cutie Zach is.

    I totally know that feeling of time going too fast, and babies growing up too fast. I'm going to have to have a dozen more babies so I can enjoy more of the little baby time :)

  2. He is sooooooooo cute!!!!!
    Time really does fly, doesn't it?