Monday, April 24, 2006

daily journal...

I posted a while back about creating a daily journal based on an idea in Stacy Julian's newest book. (I'm so grateful for her inspiration -- this book is definitely one of my all-time favorites...I think YOU need it too!!) On Saturday, I finally got the photos printed and inserted and I'm so excited about it. I shared the cover on my blog before and the title was "ME in MARCH," but after I got a few weeks into it, I realized it's totally not about just ME, but my family, so I redid the cover. I completely copied the quote Stacy used in her book - because it's too perfect not to use: "The ordinary acts we practice everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest." -- Thomas Moore. It's already fun (only a few weeks later) to look back and read some of the little things I jotted down...things that really aren't BIG things - but fun little tidbits. The photos don't necessarily reflect the journal entry, and aren't even all taken on the corresponding day - but they're all random photos taken in March. I saved receipts, appointment cards, and other little things to include on some of the days. I used fun papers, stickers, and cardstock colors. (Thanks again, Cynthea) The design and ideas truly are simple. I am so happy I did this - and I plan to make this a once-a-year tradition. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! It's not hard - just precut your journal entry cards at the first of the month and sit the album on your nightstand...then take a minute each night or morning and jot down random thoughts, events, happenings. Even if it seems silly to you, write it down cool would it be to have something like this from your mom or grandma when she was your age?? Seriously. Do this. You'll be so glad! :)


  1. I absolutely MUST copy this!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! What a cool idea! I remember you posting the cover! Where did you buy the album?? Could you please e-mail me and let me know? What a fun gift this would be too! Oooh! YAY!

  2. so cool! I have thought about doing one of these, and this just may be the jump that I need to do it. Love your album!

  3. Wendy--what a great idea. I would love to have something like that from my Mom or Grandma! It's too late for that, but maybe it's not too late for me to do it for my family. Thanks for inspiring me.
    I love you,

  4. yes, this is totally a must do project for me. I gotta, hear me, gotta do it.

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