Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's a blizzard out there!

Seriously. I can't even see the street - it's snowing so hard right now. This is not such a great picture, but it's looking out my basement window into my side/back yard - kind of looks like my window is just filfthy, but it's's SNOW!!! Don't get me wrong, I love snow. I do not, however, like driving in snow. I just got home from picking up Josh from kindergarten. I'll be so glad when half-day school is done and he starts all-day first grade next year! :)

Here's another OLD layout I'm sharing in response to robyn's challenge. :) DON'T LAUGH!! (please) It's super simple. I am pretty sure I made it to submit to a call for Simple Scrapbooks, for an idea book based on sketches. Obviously, it wasn't used...but I really liked those patterned papers. Actually, I still do!

Hmmm...for some reason, I'm really in the mood for hot chocolate now - I think I'll go up and have some of my favorite Stephen's (hazelnut) yummmy!

Thanks for popping in! :)


  1. What are you talking about girl! This is a great layout! Darling!!

    Speaking of snow - it's SNOWING here to! I can't believe it! Been snapping photos of snow on the palm trees - so funny! And I'm so glad you mentioned Hot Chocolate - I'm off to make some now! Hugs girl!

  2. Crazy snow storm yesterday, wasn't it? I walked into Roberts after dropping Kaden off at preschool and it was barely cold. Walked OUT of Roberts into a SERIOUS BLIZZARD! Crazy. Our snow is almost melted already though. Love your old layout...they are so much better than MY old ones. LOL!

  3. Right there with you in the snow. BRRRRR. We have SO much and my hubby's not around to shovel it.....ah, the times you realize how much you love your husband....:)

    Great layout. I think with a classic style like yours there are no "old" layouts.

  4. This week has been nuts here! I'm really disliking how freezing cold it is......I just want to stay inside and not go anywhere!! :)

    BTW, you've been soooo sweet with your comments on my blog. I swear, I do not look good IRL - it's all about the crop of the pictures! I've got LOTS of flab from the neck down! LOL!! :)