Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Happy Day" Card Set | Pebbles, Inc.

Do you like having a stash of fun cards on-hand?  I sure do!  I love being able to pull one out any old time so I can write in one to share with a friend!  The "Happy Day" collection is one of my all-time favorites from Pebbles, so I decided to pull it out and add some cards to my stash.  
"Happy Day" card set by @wendysueanderson for @Pebblesinc
When I'm making cards in bulk, I like to use the same basic design and then just vary the papers and embellishments. 
"Happy Day" card set by @wendysueanderson for @Pebblesinc

If you are interested in seeing my process step-by-step...please click HERE to visit the Pebbles, Inc. blog! 

"Happy Day" card set by @wendysueanderson for @Pebblesinc

A set of cards like this, wrapped together and tied with jute, would make a lovely gift as well - I'm thinking teachers might especially appreciate a cute little stack of notecards!

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  1. Amazing, bright, cheerful and super fun card set!! I love the idea of keeping the style the same and just changing papers and embellishments - I am going to give this idea a try!!