Wednesday, May 20, 2015

8 weeks of college treats | a doodlebug design project…

Hi there friends!  I am so excited to share a "Back to School" project with you!!  When you first look at this adorable Doodlebug Design collection, I would be willing to bet that your mind goes right to pre-school and elementary age children.  Am I right?  Well, I'm here to challenge you to think out of the box!  You see, my daughter will be graduating from high school (gulp!) in a few short weeks...and only a few weeks after that, she will be moving away to begin her college career!  We won't even talk about how emotional this makes me...instead, we will talk about a little something I created for her to take with her.  Summer semester is 8 weeks long - and I wanted to give her a little something for each week of her first college experience.  This is what I came up with:

Yep, you read that right - there are EIGHT treats in that little tiny box!  We all know that treats are rare on a college student's budget...but how fun would it be to know that as each week ends, there's a treat waiting for you?!? 

I cut the box from the "abc's" paper with my Silhouette Cameo.  I sized it slightly larger than the mini pickets that coordinate with the "back to school" collection.

Next, I created a band to wrap around the box.  It's simply a strip of paper, slightly more narrow that the box, then I just folded it around the box, scored the fold lines, and secured the back with a bit of washi tape.  The top is embellished with letter stickers, rub-ons, and cute little sticker icons!


Now here's the fun part - when the box is opened up, just look at what is inside!
The mini pocket kit comes with 8 reversible pockets (you see, the universe was working with me here!) - so I folded them up to use all 8 designs.  I embellished each pocket with patterned paper, stickers, doodle pops and sprinkle shapes - it was so much fun choosing which items to use!

After creating all of the pockets, I started filling them with gift cards or cash - things any college student (or anyone, for that matter) could use and appreciate! I love that the pockets are just the right size for store and restaurant gift cards!

This would also make a fun "end of school" gift for a teacher - you could do one pocket for each week, or one for each month of summer vacation!


Thanks for stopping in today - I hope I've inspired you to use the "back to school" collection in a fun way!


  1. Wendy Sue - I am always just so touched and amazed at the sweet, cute, fun and so loving things you do for your family!! And when you add Doodlebug products to the mix and create things as cute as these are I am just flabbergasted with Awe and think you just add so much amazing goodness to the world and I admire you so much!!! Thanks so much for sharing this super cool and fun idea!! Something to think about sending to my daughter who lives far away!! Way to go - you totally and completely made my day!!!

  2. think you just add so much amazing goodness to the world and I admire you so much!!!