Wednesday, January 15, 2014

bowling day…

We took the boys bowling on Saturday – usually we head to Provo or Park City for bowling, but this time we decided to stay here in town.  I live in the same town where I was born and raised…and this little hometown bowling alley is really close to my childhood home. I remember walking there with my cousins when we were kids.  They had the best cherry sprite (cherry syrup added to perfection) and we never went bowling without getting one!  We took bowling lessons there in the summertime too – this is where I learned how to bowl!


It hasn’t changed much since I was a little girl.  In fact, I’m 99.9% positive that some of the balls we used on Saturday were the same ones I learned to bowl with – that black one with the yellow specks…yeah, pretty sure I used that same exact ball when I was Zach’s age.


If you look over there to the left, all the way down to the end, you can see the snack bar.  That’s where we got our cherry sprites.  And candy bars.  I don’t remember what my favorite was when I was little, but I remember my sister always choosing a “big hunk.”  She’d whack it against the back of the benches (yes, these same orange and white seats) and break it into little pieces before opening it. I’m not sure why I remember that, but I do.  As for me, I was never much of a big hunk fan…it got stuck on my teeth – I didn’t get the appeal.  It’s likely I chose something CHOCOLATE.  Yep, some things never change. :)


One thing has changed – the scoring is all computerized now (not the fancy computerized type – with fun graphics and images…just pretty much plain jane stuff)…I learned how to keep score with a paper and pencil – and you know what, it’s hard to teach a kid how to keep track of scoring – spares and strikes are way confusing…my boys just let the computer do the work.  That’s okay – I would have let the computer do the work too…if they had computers when I was a kid. ;)


Meagan joined us for a little snack from the grill after we were done bowling (Josh hid from the camera)…


There’s nothing like good old bowling alley food – yummy fries and fry sauce!  Of course, we shared a big cherry coke too (with cherry syrup).  I don’t think anyone appreciated the buttered toast – but they all liked the chicken strips and fries.  And no, there is no pizza at this bowling alley…what?!?


As we were leaving, we peeked in one of the back rooms, I spied some old arcade games (I don’t think they were working) – it’s likely that most of them, including Pac Man have been there since my summer bowling lesson days. There was an “out of commission” bowling ball cleaner and a pool table too.  The pool tables used to be out in the main area once upon a time…I wonder why they took them out…

It’s fun to be able to share some of my childhood memories with my kids – in the same places I visited regularly growing up.  I wonder if they will take take own kids bowling here some day…

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