Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cold feet…

I am downstairs working trying to work and I can’t concentrate because my feet are cold.  I have on socks and slippers…but my toes are not warm enough.  I actually borrowed Josh’s little space heater from his room since he wasn’t using it.  It’s helping, but not enough, obviously, since I still can’t focus on work. 

I am really wishing I had these socks that I saw in Pinterest a while ago:


Don’t they look perfectly warm and cozy??  I wish I could actually find them so I could buy them.  Then I could wear them when I’m working late at night and I could actually get my work done – because I wouldn’t be so distracted by my cold feet!

Since I was already unfocused, I started searching for warm socks (not that it would really help me tonight…but still…) and I came across these cute slippers:


They look warm and aren’t they so cute?? 

When I looked at the “related links” I saw these:


I guess I never really thought about sock monkeys being made out of actual socks…which came first?  I’m assuming the socks, but I’d never seen “sock monkey socks” before…

So, have YOU ever worn sock monkey socks?  Are they warm?  Do I need a pair to keep my feet toasty?

Or should I keep searching for those elusive pinterest socks and buy this cute little guy to sit on my desk:


Or his cute cousin, the gray sock monkey:


I’m thinking maybe both. :)

Or maybe I should just get one of these:


…to save my coins up so I can buy this:


for Halloween next year. Surprised smile (it does look warm, doesn’t it?!?)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am still sitting in front of my computer at 1 o’clock in the morning…accomplishing NOTHING of importance.  I had no idea there were so many cute sock monkey products out there!  The space heater is finally warming up my toes – maybe I can get something done now…

ETA: (Since I am still not working very hard, obviously…) I just got this e-mail from Groopdealz – and I am pretty sure this cute sign is going to be showing up at my house very soon!  How fun is this?!?


** If I could find the socks I want to order, I could keep track of how many days until they arrive!  :o)


  1. Cold feet person here too. Even in the SUMMER!
    My MIL always told me that if you wear socks to bed (even in the summer) you will have a better sleep. Gotta have my socks and if you find the store for the above socks- you must share...Oh, they look so warm.

  2. Those look like great socks. If you find them, please share on your blog. I could really use those here in Vermont.