Monday, September 12, 2011

moon dough (take 2)…

Do you remember about a year ago when Team Mom sent us some Moon Dough to try out and review?  No?  You can click HERE to read about it if you’d like. :) My kids loved it and they played with it a lot.  Eventually most of those little dough pieces crumbled away (but they never did dry out – just as the box promised!) and I hadn’t gotten around to buying refills for them.  As I said in my review, I didn’t have an issue with the dough being too messy or causing any problems…so I was a little surprised to receive an e-mail from Team Mom last month asking me if I’d like to try out and review an ALL NEW DOUGH FORMULA!  They said this amazing molding dough “now features a better consistency for molding, and is less crumbly.”  The colors are supposed to be brighter and more vibrant too!

Of course, we were all for reviewing this new and improved moon dough, so we accepted and anxiously awaited the arrival of our Moon Dough Push N’ Pop Ocean Pals set.

Zach and I were the only ones home when the UPS man delivered our long awaited package – and he was anxious to open it up and start testing it out.  I was busy doing something and told him he couldn’t open the package yet because I had to take pictures first.  He was in no mood to wait – he got my camera and took photos all by himself.


Lots of photos.


At various angles.


Just like he knows his mama would have done.

Good boy.

And because he was being so cute, I stopped whatever it was I was doing and took a few photos of him with the box…


And then I offered to let him open it up and play.  He opted to wait for Seth to come home (he LOVES his brother so much!!).

Zach was excited to be able to tell Seth about the package that had arrived.  When we got home, we opened it up – and they had a blast! 


I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t really notice a big difference in the dough – but remember I didn’t have any issues with the dough last year.

The Ocean Pals set included 3 “push &pop” tools, twisty animal molds, 2 colors of moon dough, and a themed mat (which is basically glossy cardboard). 


I think it’s safe to say that Moon Dough was a hit at our house (again)!


Oh, and in case you were wondering…Moon Dough is odor free. :)


You can purchase Moon Dough at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart,, AC Moore, Michaels and eToys.  For more information about Moon Dough, you can visit their website HERE.


These little sets retail for just under $10, so they would make a great little gift to have on-hand for birthdays or even Christmas – yes, I said Christmas…It’s right around the corner!

Thanks to Team Mom & Moon Dough for sending us the play set to try out and review.  What you have just read was my opinion.  I was not compensated in any way, other than the product that I reviewed here. :)

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